How to use [Inside the school]

How to use [Inside the school] - 岡山県立大学附属図書館

How to use

Loaning of books

Please bring the book you wish to borrow to the counter along with your student ID (faculty ID). We will conduct the borrowing procedures.

If you have a book out which is past due you cannot borrow.

If you attempt to leave the library without conducting the borrowing procedures an alarm will sound. Please be sure to conduct the borrowing procedures.

A due date slip is affixed at the end of the book. The due date is stamped there, so please follow it.


Returning books

Please return books to the counter

On holidays and during closed hours please return books into the return box (next to the office entrance on the west side of the library).
However, please return books directly to the counter if they are larger than 28cm wide by 10cm thick, if they have a CD-ROM included, etc.

Please return books by the due date for the sake of other users as well. If you do not return books by the due date you will become unable to borrow new books.

Regarding borrowing period renewal (extension)

If you cannot finish reading the book within the borrowing period, you can renew (extend) them and borrow again.
Please bring your student ID (faculty ID) to the counter along with the book you wish to extend. However, extensions are limited to 1 time.

Renewal is only possible if there is no reservation for the book in question and the book is not past due.
Periodicals cannot be renewed.

Using the computer corner

Internet terminals are installed in the library. they can be used to search for scientific information. They cannot be used for other purposes (amusement, e-mail, etc.). If you wish to use them you must apply at the counter.

Reserving books to borrow

If the book you require is currently borrowed, you can reserve it so that when it is returned you will be able to borrow it next. If you wish to make a reservation please bring your student ID to the counter.
You can also make reservations via My Library.


Providing appropriate assistance and responding to questions and consultations regarding the use of the library is referred to as reference service. At this library we provide the following kinds of reference service.

  • Information on using the library
  • Searching for available literature
  • How to use the online catalog
  • Information on using libraries outside the school and science information institutions, etc.

If you have other questions, please feel free to ask at the counter.
Also, please understand that when the library is open at night or on Saturdays some services may be unavailable.

Copies in the library

The university library allows copying of copyrighted materials within a certain scope. When using the self-service copy machine located in the library, please adhere to copyright laws, fill out the “literature copying application form” and submit it at the counter before making your copies.

Notes of caution when using

  • Please be silent in the library.
  • Please handle the materials with care and do not damage them or get them dirty. When materials are dirtied or lost, you may be required to pay for this.
  • After reading, please be sure to return the material to its original location.
  • Entering the library for purposes other than using the library materials such as studying for tests is prohibited.
  • Talking on mobile phones in the library is prohibited. Also, please set your mobile phone to silent mode before entering the library.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking inside the library are prohibited. However, drinking (containers such as plastic bottles with lids) is allowed only in the entrance hall.
  • Please look after your valuables under your own responsibility. (No lockers, etc., are available)
  • Please adhere to deadlines for returning materials.
  • You cannot copy things brought in from outside.
  • When the alarm goes off at the entrance, please follow the instructions of staff.