Use guide [Inside the school]

Use guide [Inside the school] - 岡山県立大学附属図書館

Library hours

You can check the library hours, closed days, and numbers and periods books can be borrowed.
The library business days and hours are subject to change, so please check the library calendar and bulletins.

[Weekdays] 9:00~21:30 (9:00~17:00 during holiday periods)
[Saturdays] 9:00~17:00 (Closed during holiday periods)

Please check the library calendar for information regarding holiday periods.

Closed on

Sundays, national holidays, school founding anniversary (May 29), New Year’s period (December 28-January 4)

There may be other special holidays in addition to those listed above. Please check the library calendar or website.

Numbers / periods books can be borrowed

User classification Number of books borrowed Borrowing period Number of renewals(*)
Books Periodicals Books Periodicals Books Periodicals
Faculty /
Graduate Students
15 books 3 books 14 days 7 days Once Unavailable
10 books

Special borrowing (6 months) is available when necessary for teaching staff to conduct lessons, research, etc.

Books which have been reserved or for which are overdue cannot be renewed (extended).
Books which were borrowed for an extended time over holiday periods cannot be renewed (extended).